Product type Features Settings

extruded (round, square, hexagonal)

Diameter 8­ - 250 mm

calibrated (round, square)

Diameter 8­ - 25 mm

Length up to 6000 mm


profiled products are produced according to the standard nomenclature (bands, angle bar, T-bar and so on) and  according to the customers’ drawings

Diameter of circumscribing circle

20­ - 400 mm

Area of section 0,8­ - 150 cm2

Length up to 24000 mm


extruded welded, weldless

Diameter 7­ - 130 mm

Wall thickness 0,75 - 20 mm

Length up to 6000 mm

cold-shaped welded, weldless

Diameter 6­ - 95 mm

Wall thickness 0,75­ - 5 mm

Length up to 6000 mm


Products are manufactured almost from all aluminium alloys of the Russian classification and aluminium alloys of the western classification of 1ххх, 2ххх, 3ххх, 4xxx, 5ххх, 6ххх, 7ххх Series according to the requirements of GOST, OST, TU, EN, ASTM and others.

Information about characteristics of the products produced is presented in detailed view and depends on capabilities of processing equipment. Specific sizes, alloys, as-received conditions and other requirements are negotiated additionally.